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Thanks to the Pittsfield Rotary Club and WBBA FM 97.5 for their radio coverage of the Color Drive Weekend.  WBBA is even available online at​ Check them out now; live on the web!  Thanks to David and the staff at WBBA for your support of the Pike County Color Drive and Pittsfield Rotary! ​

  • Spend Time With Friends & Family
  • Eat Yummy Foods
  • Drive the Back Roads
  • Enjoy Nature
  • Buy Crafted Goods
  • Meet New Friends
  • Explore Pike County

Welcome to, the internet home of Pike County, Illinois' premier countywide tourism event.  

Pike County Color Drive 2018 Cancelled 

April 26th 2018 

It is with heavy heart that we regret to inform you that Pike County Color Drive will no longer be held October of this year 2018. The president of the Color Drive held a meeting with all members of the committee on April 16th 2018 to discuss previous events of the Color Drive's past and what could be done to prevent this from happening again. 

If you are not aware, two years ago there was an edible item sold at one of the many Color Drive locations in the county that made several visitors ill. As a result of this happening there are currently multiple lawsuits that have been filed against the Color Drive and its officers. As a committee we researched and talked with more that one local insurance agent to see what was available and what said insurance would cost. Each agent stated to fully insure the Color Drive, that the Color Drive itself had to have an event liability policy, each location had to have it's own event liability policy, and each vendor had to purchase their own event liability policy covering the two day event. Once we had a plan in place, we asked for an estimate on the amount of premium it would take to get this accomplished.  Aside from the Color Drive itself and each location it would still cost all vendors $300-$500 each for their policy, unless there could provide proof of their own insurance.   After this discovery and learning all food vendors would be subject to a health department inspection, which came with it's own fee, we had many locations drop out immediately due to the high cost of insuring the event. As a result of over half the locations leaving the event we felt that we had no choice but to discontinue with the event this year. 

Sincerely Pike County Color Drive

Welcome booths are available at each stop to assist you.  Fill in the information requested on the map/brochure (name address, phone number and email  address). Seven stamps from seven different welcome booths will qualify you to win gift certificates from local merchants and businesses.

Pike County Profile

We are one of the largest geographical counties in Illinois and are located between the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers in West Central Illinois.  Bisected by Interstate 72, and bounded by rivers, we're often referred to as the Two Rivers region and the natural beauty of this area is unparalleled anywhere else in the state.  Noted for our rolling hills and scenic vistas, Pike County and its many rural communities offers boundless opportunities to see this part of our nation as it existed in the days of the pioneers.

 The county is comprised of many small towns and villages and four larger rural communities: Barry, Griggsville, Pleasant Hill and the County Seat, Pittsfield.

Our Mission:
To provide visitors to Pike County with a sense of the values and natural resources that make this area so special and unique.  Our hope is that your visit to Pike County will be enjoyable and relaxing; we hope you become part of the fabric that makes this county great!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Color Drive Flag.  Each official WELCOME BOOTH will be displaying this flag during the Color Drive Weekend !

Event Summary

Every fall, the Pike County Color Drive provides an opportunity for anyone with an interest to do so to see the beauty of rural Pike County bathed in the splendor of autumn.  Each community provides a unique roster of events, activities, vendors, crafts, food, and exhibits for the general public to take part in.  The goal of this website is to provide a list of these offerings and their locales in order that anyone wishing to plan their weekend color drive activities has a reference to assist them with this process.

The links to the left offer access to each community and their activities, food and exhibits for the weekend.  To view the offerings in a particular town, select the town link to the left and then choose your communities of interest.

Pike County Color Drive