The Pike County Color Drive welcomes merchandise vendors, crafters and food vendor with quality displays. Acceptable product lines are to be family oriented and in keeping with the values that are traditional for rural America.

The Pike County Color Drive is a touring event and we encourage participants to get out and explore all the communities. Please don’t assume that you must be set up in the bigger towns to be successful- there is plenty of opportunity in our small towns, and many folks actually prefer them. 

If you are in interested in being a sanctioned and registered vendor for the Pike County Color Drive, we suggest you read the information contained in the “town” section of this site and in the Map Brochure. You’ll get an idea where your booth might fit best.

The Pike County Color Drive consists of many official stops throughout Pike County, Illinois. Each site is managed locally by a Site Coordinator who manages the vendors for that town. The list of those contacts is below. 

Vendors should contact the site coordinator at their location of preference and make local arrangements with the individual site for booth space and payment of local space fees.

Some of the sites have their own Vendor form and the site coordinator will arrange to get that to you.

If you have any general questions about the Color Drive, please feel free to contact the Peggy Hill. She can be reached at 217-491-2208.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Color Drive Flag.  Each official WELCOME BOOTH will be displaying this flag during the Color Drive Weekend !